What ‘Delta Variant?’: Danolyte Extends Franchise into Taiwan

Danolyte® rolls out safe, hospital-level disinfectants,
fortifying Taiwanese efforts in the combat against viruses,
bacteria, allergens, and pathogens.

Kansas City, USA. 23rdAugust 2021 — Ecolyte Solutions LLC, the American-based leading distributor of Danolyte®️ Disinfectant, a subsidiary of Danolyte Global, with a presence in over 10 countries is set to establish in Taiwan.

Markedly distinguished for their EPA registered, eco-friendly, take on disinfection, sanitizing, and deodorizing solutions, Danolyte Global today announced the organization’s expansion of its franchise initiative to the Taiwanese turf, through its distributors.

The development comes right on the heels of Danolyte® Global branch-reach expansion initiative geared towards launching the Danolyte hospital-level disinfectant in a host of countries. Danolyte’s emergence in Taiwan’s health industry comes as welcome news as it one-ups Taiwanese Schools, Hospitals, Hotels and Organizations in the fight against 99.9% of viruses (COVID?! Anyone?), bacteria, pathogens, and allergens with a ‘safety-first’ twist that doesn’t leave chemical residuals.

A household name, Danolyte Disinfectant is specially formulated with Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a naturally occurring molecule standing as the first line of defense of the human body against bacteria, irritation, and injury. The disinfectant’s claim to fame comes as a result of its powerful action against bacteria, fungi, and viruses and is one of the only cleaning agents available that’s non-toxic to humans while still maintaining its lethal capacity towards harmful microorganisms. Talk about 100 times more effective than bleach!

“We’re excited about our now-established presence in Taiwan and the opportunities that abound for the Taiwanese people especially as there is still a need for an abundance of caution as societies lift COVID movement restrictions,” said Ecolyte’s Managing Partner Gert Noordzy. “This strategic move will also help consolidate our industry-leading reach within the Asian Region. We’ve got the right team, and more importantly, the right product. Taiwan is the right country for us.”

Aiding consumers ease of use, these products require no rinsing after use, as Anolyte—an active ingredient in Danolyte—meets FDA and USDA requirements for a non-rinse sanitizing solution. For well over Seven years now, Danolyte Global has been the go-to in the mainstream manufacturing and packaging of on-site HOCl generators.

“Danolyte’s foray into the Taiwanese healthcare sector can only spell huge achievements for all stakeholders involved. It is a ‘public essential’ for us because consumers don’t have to choose between harmful synthetic chemicals and a clean environment. Danolyte works without leaving behind potentially harmful chemicals, toxic fumes, or residue.” said Danolyte Taiwan, CEO Renaud Pen.

The launch of this disinfectant + sanitizer in Taiwan is also expected to signpost the entry of the product range in even more Asian countries. Besides this, Danolyte® Global seeks to become a source for the upliftment of Taiwanese citizens through various corporate social responsibility programs in the coming months and years.

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About Ecolyte Solutions 

Ecolyte Solutions is the sole distributor of Danolyte Global’s products and generators, paving the pathways for the entry of a new generation of disinfectants.

Distributing Danolyte Global’s proprietary technologies and intellectual property concerning the manufacture and application of anolyte generating equipment, Danolyte Disinfectant is working alongside global partners to harness the power of technology, creativity, and innovation to provide a healthier environment.

About Danolyte®

  • Danolyte® is dedicated to improving human health, wellness, and the environment through innovative cleaning solutions derived from nature. Their eco-friendly, alcohol-free, disinfectant + sanitizer is EPA registered for use against SARS-CoV-2. Tough against germs yet gentle around humans, animals, and the environment.
  • Danolyte® is effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) E.Coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Enterococcus, C. Diff-spore, Staphylococcus, MRSA, HIV, Listeria, Influenza A, Hepatitis C, and more. It is Bactericidal, Germicidal, Viricidal, Tuberculocidal, and highly effective in removing biofilm.
  • Danolyte® has applications in a wide variety of healthcare, institutional and food-based settings as well as use in consumers’ homes. The product is available in a variety of sizes, from consumer to industrial.
  • Danolyte® is available in several sizes as a ready-made product. For larger applications, the company also sells the Just-In-Time Generator system that allows the end-user to produce Danolyte® on-site.

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