Noble Shares Expensive, Effective, Nontoxic, Organic Disinfectant With Community For...

Don Peterson, executive chairman of the Noble Health Corporation, demonstrates the nontoxicity of the disinfectant. PHOTO BY BARRY DALTON, The Vandalia Leader

Audrain Community Hospital is the second hospital in the Midwest to install a Hospital Grade disinfectant for hospitality  system that produces an alcohol-free solution 100x more effective than Bleach.

The Disinfectant is FDA approved for use as an antimicrobial and registered with the EPA. It is made with organic ingredients, contains no harmful chemicals, is non-irritating to humans, animals, plants and surfaces, and kills 99.9999% of all pathogens, including the most resistant microbes like staphylococcus, C. diff, MRSA, listeria, legionella, influenza (Flu) virus, the SARS CoV-2 virus (Covid-19), as well as all airborne allergens, including mold and spores.

The Audrain Community Hospital Foundation purchased this system to allow hospital staff members access to produce the disinfectant on-site for use at Audrain Community Hospital; Clinics will share it with the Audrain community and surrounding communities.

Thanks to the Audrain Community Hospital Foundation, it will be distributed at no cost to the Audrain community and surrounding communities starting next Thursday, June 17.

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