Reduce the Impact of Infections & Covid-19 with Danolyte

The global pandemic Covid-19 has taken more than half a million lives and is about to take a million sooner world-wide. Scientists are working hard for the development of vaccination. Our doctors are working days and nights to attend the COVID -19 patients and save their lives. Doctors are the real warriors who are working selflessly risking their lives and fighting for this
pandemic on the frontline.

To maintain good control over the infection doctors are using Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) kit.

Decontamination of patients’ rooms is a fundamental requirement to ensure the safety of patients as well as doctors. Prevention of the transmission of pathogens by touching surfaces is necessary for the health care environment so that everyone should remain untouched from this pandemic.

ICU’S, CICU’S, Operation Theatres, isolation wards, general wards, waiting rooms, washrooms, and hospital kitchens have to be regularly sanitized and remain disinfected by using Danolyte disinfectant methods.

Methods for disinfection that need to be followed

One of the techniques that can be used to reduce airborne pathogens in healthcare environments by using a Danolyted solution.

  • Use a mask (that covers the face nose and mouth) and disposable gloves for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily with the Danolyte disinfectant system in common areas such as chairs of medical staff, patients bed, life-saving machines, doorknobs, light switches, phone receivers, handles, touchscreens, desks, toilets, sinks, elevator, and elevator buttons, etc).
  • Before touching soap or any other surface always clean your hand first without making any contact with your mouth. As it is necessary to keep the safety measures for staff and healthcare workers. One must use a disinfectant spray in a daily routine.
  • Adding microfibre despite natural-based fibers in cleaning the floor of the hospital and dipping. It in the Danolyte solution cleans and disinfects the floor of the hospital where it is easy to use.

Danolyte disinfectant for healthcare is a powerful antimicrobial fluid that offers deodorizing solutions, sanitizing and disinfecting the hospitals and has shown its effectiveness over many years of use in killing viruses and bacteria such as the Coronavirus, Influenza A, MRSA, HIV and Hepatitis C, and many more. ts solution is non-toxic, noncorrosive, EPA-approved, and can be
applied directly at both hard and soft surfaces.

Healthcare workers are using Danolyte disinfectant methods that kill the novel coronavirus. Fulton Medical Center was the first medical center to launch an electrostatic sprayer, Disinfectant fogger, Fogging Machine, and Danolyte organic disinfectant spray methods that kill 100% germs and bacteria, airborne pathogens, and viruses, etc.

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